South Side Paddy's Day Pub Crawl

TOMORROW! Ladies & Gents, they can take away our parade but they can never take away our freedom! through the magic of facebook a movement is assembling to have what may well be the largest (at over 3,000) pubcrawl in history take place in place of the traditional South Side Irish Parade. Drunks are to assemble at 103rd & Western at 12pm sharp on Sunday March 14th (but you can actually do what we'll likely be doing and start at 11am at 115th instead). There are 21 bars on Western ranging from Amazingly Awesome to At Least It's Cheap, and since no one will be expecting this you will likely be able to smuggle booze onto the metra train this year. Rowdiness is likely so be on your guard, don't get arrested! However, again there are lots of great bars on Western that will surely be glad for the business, not to mention great places to eat and shitloads of afterparties if you are a southsider or know one, which is really what it's all about (many southsiders contest that it was "tourists" who ruined the parade for everyone, although I surely don't put it past the southsiders themselves to have been behind some of the wanton destruction). Even the squares (aka my parents) are planning to continue the tradition of getting together with friends and family to celebrate an ever-more-distant heritage. So get your cheesy green together and come down to the South Side, celebrate what's good in life- friends, beer, and good cheer!

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